Guitar Lessons

Guitar is probably the most popular instrument in the world for people of all ages. We have some wonderful instructors providing Guitar Lessons in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth & Newcastle.

Whether you’re a young beginner who’s just getting started, or an adult student who has always wanted to learn, our expert instructors will show you the way.


Electric or Acoustic?

All the Guitar Teachers at Global Music Australia are fully qualified to teach both Acoustic Guitar Lessons and Electric Guitar Lessons in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth & Newcastle. For young beginners we recommend starting with an acoustic guitar as the nylon strings are softer on the fingers.


Reading Music

When you book in for Guitar Lessons with Global Music Australia, you will be assigned an expert Guitar Teacher who is fully qualified to not only guide you or your kids towards becoming a wonderful Guitar Player, but a Guitar Player who knows how to read music. So many modern day guitarists are unable to read music which limits their options musically later in life.


Making Music Fun

Learning music should be fun. Heaps of Fun! While we do place a strong emphasis on professionalism and technique, the most important part of music is enjoyment. Our Guitar Lessons are designed to be enjoyable. How do we accomplish this? We encourage all of our students to choose their own music. When you’re learning to play a song you love, you tend to practice a lot. For younger students who are yet to develop their own tastes in music, our Guitar Teachers can help by recommending some great songs for them to learn.


Guitar Lessons in your own Home

Global Music Australia provides Guitar Lessons in your own home. This is a huge advantage for a couple fo reasons. Firstly, you don’t have to fight the traffic which is a huge plus! Secondly, Students feel far more relaxed in the comfort of their own environment rather that in a strange little room they’ve never been in before. The more relaxed you are, the more you enjoy the experience and the more you learn!


Below are some Frequently Asked Question about Guitar Lessons:

Does the student need to have his or her own guitar?

Yes. In order to get the most out of the guitar lessons we offer, our students need to practice during the week.

What sort of Guitar should we buy? How much will we need to spend?

The Great thing about having guitar lessons is that a beginner guitar is relatively inexpensive. If you have decided that you or your kids would like to start Guitar Lessons and you currently don’t have a guitar, please call us on 0407 620 744 and we can recommend the right sort of guitar for you depending on the age of the student. Beginner Guitars can be as little as $100.

What days and times do you offer lessons?

Our Guitar Lessons are available Monday – Thursday usually during the afternoon/evening time. We can normally accommodate the time that suits you best.

What styles of music do you teach?

The Guitar Teachers at Global Music Australia are qualified to teach most all styles of music. Whether you are looking to have Rock Guitar Lessons, Jazz Guitar lessons, Folk Guitar lessons or almost any other style, our expert Guitar Teachers will show you the way. You of course do not have to nominate a particular style and we always encourage our younger students to learn and listen to a wide variety of music.

I’m an adult who’d love to learn but I’ve never played before. Can I have Guitar Lessons?

Absolutely! We have many adults having Guitar Lessons with us and they love it! No matter how old you are it’s never too late to start learning. Our Guitar Teachers can teach you to play your favourite songs, your favourite Guitar Solos or just about anything you like. Playing Guitar is a great way to unwind after a long day at work or over the weekend so don’t dream about it – Give us a call and become a guitarist this week!

Which areas do you service?

We currently provide guitar lessons for students in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth & Newcastle. If you live in one of these cities, drop us a line today!

What qualifications do the Guitar Teachers at Global Music Australia Have?

We pride ourselves on selecting only the best Guitar Teachers to work with our students. Unfortunately there are a lot of Guitar Teachers out there who simply aren’t qualified and shouldn’t be giving lessons. Here’s a little of what you can expect from the Guitar Teachers at Global Music Australia:

Safety First: All of our Guitar Teachers in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth & Newcastle have been approved and certified via a government check to work with Children.

Personality: Learning something new like the Guitar can be a little daunting. Especially for young kids. For this reason, we only hire Guitar Teachers who are friendly, patient and have the ability to put our students at ease so they feel relaxed and ready to learn.

High Skill Level: All of our Guitar Teachers in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth & Newcastle are required to be at a certain level and that level is high. The majority of our Guitarists are in working professional bands so they know what it takes to become a great Guitarist.

Theory: The Guitar Teachers at Global Music Australia are only considered for employment if they can read music, and have a certain amount of theoretical knowledge. This is not to say that we are looking to bore our students silly with constant theory, but rather to encourage our students to understand what they are playing.


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